Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What have I learned from Critical Literacy

I remembered the first day, my lecturer walk into the class. And then he started to give brief explanation about what this subject is all about. And then I thought ’Hey, this might be interesting. But then came the part where I have to stand in the middle of the class because I couldn’t answer a simple question such ‘What can you see in this picture?’. All I know Wardina is beautiful because I remembered seeing her in pink dress standing there being gorgeous. From that day onwards, everytime he entered the class, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘ What is CL all about?”

And then a review came, then the second, then the third, fourth not to mention reviewing two long articles.  Since I learned this subject my new favorite number is 10 because it goes with RULE OF 10. Just when the battery of my lappy here need to be recharged came another review that is to review your friends work and what’s more…2 of it. But, it’s been fun..staring at your lappy for hours, while making Milo and Nescafe in the middle of night.

Basically, that’s what CL is all about. Despite filling my to-do-note list, it trains you to look into things from every perspective. Not only from positive and negative side, but you have to look vertically and horizontally. CL sharpened your mind and your pencil also. CL teach you to be creative and innovative by looking at things differently. To give your own opinion without being bias and prejudice towards certain topic discussed. It urges me to point out my point of view without being emotionally corrupted. In this subject you have to think critically not creatively. Otherwise it would be called creative literacy.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The movie is about 17 year old Josh joined an underwater cave diving expedition teamed up with his own father, Frank and several other acquaintances in Papua New Guinea. Things got bad when Jude, one of the diver died in an accident and things got worse when a tremendous storm came on the surface which flooded the caves and blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada..
Story’s review
The movie didn’t reach my expectation. Simply put it disappoint me actually. I was expecting ‘2012’ or perhaps a movie that when you need to ‘go’, you hold until the end of the movie. The first thing that questions me when I first watch the movie is “if he didn’t like his father so much, what’s Josh doing down there in the first place?”
The plot in the movie is lame or should I say preposterous. So, the movie teach us that ‘come what may, you must strive until the end’, but killing people? I would say no to that. For better or worse, maybe it was all about surviving and leadership but in the end only one survive,living with guilt for the rest of his life by killing his own father. I don't see any good in that.
And should I start about the actors and actress?Lisa Surihani and Akram Dinzly can do better than that. I just don’t feel their character. I don’t know. Maybe the spark just aren’t there. They scream but they aren’t scared, they cry but they aren’t sad.
The guy who stayed behind so not to slow down the team because of his sickness? That’s a noble thing to do if you call suicide is a noble thing. Well..you decide. But Alister,sorry to say this but I don’t like your movie…at all.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guilty things that pleasure me

If I say I don’t have any guilty things I’d be lying. Lie. A guilty things that gives me pleasure. Nobody’s perfect in this world. It’s wrong but..people live with lie. Someone tend to lie no matter how ‘angel-like’ that person is. Everything turned out easy when you lie. You can meet your boyfriend when you lie, you can hang out with your friends till midnight if you lie, you can buy your favorite dress when you lie,  and..there are so many things you can do when you lie. I know it’s wrong, actually sinful..but I did it. Can someone please tell me how to not to lie? You can say that I’m a “queen” of lie. Or perhaps…maybe just a “princess”, queen is a strong word.Don’t get me wrong, I mean a ‘lying princess’ not a princess who’s wearing a tiara.  Lie is synonym to mankind especially teenagers. As a teenager my heart urges me to do things my parents forbid me to do, so the easiest way is to lie. From a tiny microscopic things to an elephant butt is a lie. Even kids tend to lie. For example when he or she spilled a drink on the back seat of the car, what would they do? Sit back and smile like nothing ever happened.  I wouldn’t say that lie is a good thing and encourage people to lie, in fact it burden me with guilt. It’s like bad things attached to lies. It comes afterwards. Bear the consequences in lying when they are no longer a lie. What I’m trying to say here is lies result to turmoil.  Perhaps, it’s only some sort of guilt to us teenagers, but to the elders lying is unscrupulous behavior. Okay…I think that’s a lie.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Blind Side - Official Trailer [HD]

Directed by John Lee Hancock based on “The blind side: Evolution of game” book written by Michael Lewis. The movie starring Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron and Tim Mcgraw.
The story is about an African-American boy named Michael Oher, who was abandoned by his mother, neglected by his friends and alienated by the society. An angel-like person named Leigh Ann took him over, and makes him hers. With weightened hands, the institute and teachers gave him opportunity to live like others. From zero to hero, Michael Oher became a football star requested by many universities and colleges.
Story’s review
This story is about rekindled love between strangers, courage and passions. a total stranger  accept him when his own family doesn't. At first,it's kind of odd and we'd think she helped him out of sympathy  but throughout the story we can see Leigh Ann' sincerity and she felt responsible for the boy's life.  I could say that Michael Oher was afraid of changes despite his previous hardship and agony in life. When everything’s sweet, he added spices into his bowl of life by accusing Leigh Ann only used him. This story is a mixture of laughter and tears. Small things such as a family sitting together and a bed are also the theme of movie. It shows gratitude which merely loss among us. Have you ever felt thankful for a bed that you have at home? Put yourself in Michael’s shoe when everything dear to your heart taken away from you. What would you do? It takes great courage for Leigh Ann to pour out her hand to a boy, not to mention a black boy to live under the same roof with her and her family. Especially when her acquaintances and relatives question about the black boy existence. This story taught how a soft and a delicate hands can change the eyes of the world as long as she wants it..i mean badly wanting it. How a woman as small as Leigh Ann can have a heart as big as Michael Oher. But the question is, are there anymore Leigh Ann out there?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Love is a voice under all silences

Isn’t it dramatic or what? It means love doesn’t need words.  Just send her a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolate and she’ll be yours. Really? Nah…love takes more than that. There’s a situation where a husband whispered love words to his wife in the dark , and then the wife spank him using a table lamp. Funny isn’t it? see what I mean? Love doesn’t always need to be expressed by words. You don’t say you love Indonesian people or perhaps  Afghanistan people. People would say ‘what? are you serious? Or are you kidding me?’But we are not talking about love but silenced love.  Have you ever felt awkward and guilty and that you don’t deserve a full set of meal with aromatic roasted chicken, fresh orange grilled prawns and home-baked cookies and a pina-colada(cocktail) when there are people out there who craving for foods since their first ‘mama’?  That is love. No. that’ silenced love. It can’t be seen but it’s  there. Even with microscopic spectacles we couldn’t see it, the so called silenced love. 
This is a story about my younger brother. He participated in a coloring contest in his kindergarten school. And then the teacher gave him a picture of a beggar with torn clothes holding a cup and a staff.  While he was coloring, suddenly he cried. When my mom asked him, he said he pitied the old man in the picture. Isn’t it sweet? And then I asked myself, even a five year old has this kind of love, how about us out there? who drives a car as big as a house, living in a luxurious house and wardrobe full of exclusive shoes and clothes? Not to mention the voice, it represent us. What we’ve done to help these kind of people. I’m honored to be a Malaysian. We’re full of love. Not that kind of love. For instance, volunteers who was sent to poor, undeveloped country and helped to fulfill their need and a website for donors to help them. A plate of rice or perhaps a box of clothes donated to them means love. this is what the phrases means to me.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

MUSic helps iraq?/Tarian Johor

I disagree with this statement. Why you should asks me? Because even though there's millions protestant singing out there on stopping the war and misery, death, agony, bla,bla,bla but war still happens. Everyday, a child will lose a mom, a husband loses his wife,a father loses his son. It's like human life is just a piece of cloth that when they're not their color anymore, you can just throw them away. Just like that. Sheryl Crow in her song despise Bush mentioning in her lyrics "the president spoke words of comfort with tear drops in his eyes/then he led us as a nation into a war based on lies" and James Velvet sang'in the fight against terror and tyranny’s sting/what have you done to help freedom ring?'You see what i mean? 'Both sides of the gun by Ben Harper, 'Come home soon' by SHeDAISY 'Deja vu all over again' by John Fogerty and the rappers, Eminem and OutKast. Even if I type all their names my lappy here will hang..i mean it.The songs does inspiring, i admit that.Giving us hope and chance but the fake one. In my opinion, these genre of songs are just a sympathy, written down on a paper, a tune hummed in our everyday life along with cries and tears in IRAQ. It’s because the songs and the message in the songs reached the ears of listeners,to us, not those who started the war, the so o-mighty-one.I like to quote from John Gorka song  ,he sang 'war makes war,it doesn't make peace'.To me these kind of song doesn't make the world peace.

 I’m from Johor so my lecturer wanted me to write about songs I mean traditional songs from johor…so..what do you guys want to know? zapin? ghazal?honestly,I don’t know a thing about zapin but have you heard zapin usik-mengusik from senario?It’s not really a zapin but I like the song because it gives messages to treasures the bond and ties among society. Basically that’s what zapin is all about. Every moves,every instrument,every lyrics and every dance have a hidden meaning which portrays johorian culture. What interest me is that from zapin, the music,the dancers and even the audience harmonize together. For example,tarian kuda kepang is said to portrays our prophet companion Saidina Ali r.a during war.there's also Tarian Barongan.Funny name right?i know. But this dance is said rendered to Prophet Sulaiman where all animals can talk.There was a tiger who saw a peacock and then they both started dancing.Why?i don't have a clue.The weird part is not yet to come.Then suddenly,a bodyguard of a princess walk past by and saw them dancing and then he also started dancing.NOW EVERYBODY DANCE!!!teehee~