Thursday, January 27, 2011

MUSic helps iraq?/Tarian Johor

I disagree with this statement. Why you should asks me? Because even though there's millions protestant singing out there on stopping the war and misery, death, agony, bla,bla,bla but war still happens. Everyday, a child will lose a mom, a husband loses his wife,a father loses his son. It's like human life is just a piece of cloth that when they're not their color anymore, you can just throw them away. Just like that. Sheryl Crow in her song despise Bush mentioning in her lyrics "the president spoke words of comfort with tear drops in his eyes/then he led us as a nation into a war based on lies" and James Velvet sang'in the fight against terror and tyranny’s sting/what have you done to help freedom ring?'You see what i mean? 'Both sides of the gun by Ben Harper, 'Come home soon' by SHeDAISY 'Deja vu all over again' by John Fogerty and the rappers, Eminem and OutKast. Even if I type all their names my lappy here will hang..i mean it.The songs does inspiring, i admit that.Giving us hope and chance but the fake one. In my opinion, these genre of songs are just a sympathy, written down on a paper, a tune hummed in our everyday life along with cries and tears in IRAQ. It’s because the songs and the message in the songs reached the ears of listeners,to us, not those who started the war, the so o-mighty-one.I like to quote from John Gorka song  ,he sang 'war makes war,it doesn't make peace'.To me these kind of song doesn't make the world peace.

 I’m from Johor so my lecturer wanted me to write about songs I mean traditional songs from johor…so..what do you guys want to know? zapin? ghazal?honestly,I don’t know a thing about zapin but have you heard zapin usik-mengusik from senario?It’s not really a zapin but I like the song because it gives messages to treasures the bond and ties among society. Basically that’s what zapin is all about. Every moves,every instrument,every lyrics and every dance have a hidden meaning which portrays johorian culture. What interest me is that from zapin, the music,the dancers and even the audience harmonize together. For example,tarian kuda kepang is said to portrays our prophet companion Saidina Ali r.a during war.there's also Tarian Barongan.Funny name right?i know. But this dance is said rendered to Prophet Sulaiman where all animals can talk.There was a tiger who saw a peacock and then they both started dancing.Why?i don't have a clue.The weird part is not yet to come.Then suddenly,a bodyguard of a princess walk past by and saw them dancing and then he also started dancing.NOW EVERYBODY DANCE!!!teehee~

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