Monday, February 21, 2011

Love is a voice under all silences

Isn’t it dramatic or what? It means love doesn’t need words.  Just send her a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolate and she’ll be yours. Really? Nah…love takes more than that. There’s a situation where a husband whispered love words to his wife in the dark , and then the wife spank him using a table lamp. Funny isn’t it? see what I mean? Love doesn’t always need to be expressed by words. You don’t say you love Indonesian people or perhaps  Afghanistan people. People would say ‘what? are you serious? Or are you kidding me?’But we are not talking about love but silenced love.  Have you ever felt awkward and guilty and that you don’t deserve a full set of meal with aromatic roasted chicken, fresh orange grilled prawns and home-baked cookies and a pina-colada(cocktail) when there are people out there who craving for foods since their first ‘mama’?  That is love. No. that’ silenced love. It can’t be seen but it’s  there. Even with microscopic spectacles we couldn’t see it, the so called silenced love. 
This is a story about my younger brother. He participated in a coloring contest in his kindergarten school. And then the teacher gave him a picture of a beggar with torn clothes holding a cup and a staff.  While he was coloring, suddenly he cried. When my mom asked him, he said he pitied the old man in the picture. Isn’t it sweet? And then I asked myself, even a five year old has this kind of love, how about us out there? who drives a car as big as a house, living in a luxurious house and wardrobe full of exclusive shoes and clothes? Not to mention the voice, it represent us. What we’ve done to help these kind of people. I’m honored to be a Malaysian. We’re full of love. Not that kind of love. For instance, volunteers who was sent to poor, undeveloped country and helped to fulfill their need and a website for donors to help them. A plate of rice or perhaps a box of clothes donated to them means love. this is what the phrases means to me.

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