Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Blind Side - Official Trailer [HD]

Directed by John Lee Hancock based on “The blind side: Evolution of game” book written by Michael Lewis. The movie starring Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron and Tim Mcgraw.
The story is about an African-American boy named Michael Oher, who was abandoned by his mother, neglected by his friends and alienated by the society. An angel-like person named Leigh Ann took him over, and makes him hers. With weightened hands, the institute and teachers gave him opportunity to live like others. From zero to hero, Michael Oher became a football star requested by many universities and colleges.
Story’s review
This story is about rekindled love between strangers, courage and passions. a total stranger  accept him when his own family doesn't. At first,it's kind of odd and we'd think she helped him out of sympathy  but throughout the story we can see Leigh Ann' sincerity and she felt responsible for the boy's life.  I could say that Michael Oher was afraid of changes despite his previous hardship and agony in life. When everything’s sweet, he added spices into his bowl of life by accusing Leigh Ann only used him. This story is a mixture of laughter and tears. Small things such as a family sitting together and a bed are also the theme of movie. It shows gratitude which merely loss among us. Have you ever felt thankful for a bed that you have at home? Put yourself in Michael’s shoe when everything dear to your heart taken away from you. What would you do? It takes great courage for Leigh Ann to pour out her hand to a boy, not to mention a black boy to live under the same roof with her and her family. Especially when her acquaintances and relatives question about the black boy existence. This story taught how a soft and a delicate hands can change the eyes of the world as long as she wants it..i mean badly wanting it. How a woman as small as Leigh Ann can have a heart as big as Michael Oher. But the question is, are there anymore Leigh Ann out there?

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