Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guilty things that pleasure me

If I say I don’t have any guilty things I’d be lying. Lie. A guilty things that gives me pleasure. Nobody’s perfect in this world. It’s wrong but..people live with lie. Someone tend to lie no matter how ‘angel-like’ that person is. Everything turned out easy when you lie. You can meet your boyfriend when you lie, you can hang out with your friends till midnight if you lie, you can buy your favorite dress when you lie,  and..there are so many things you can do when you lie. I know it’s wrong, actually sinful..but I did it. Can someone please tell me how to not to lie? You can say that I’m a “queen” of lie. Or perhaps…maybe just a “princess”, queen is a strong word.Don’t get me wrong, I mean a ‘lying princess’ not a princess who’s wearing a tiara.  Lie is synonym to mankind especially teenagers. As a teenager my heart urges me to do things my parents forbid me to do, so the easiest way is to lie. From a tiny microscopic things to an elephant butt is a lie. Even kids tend to lie. For example when he or she spilled a drink on the back seat of the car, what would they do? Sit back and smile like nothing ever happened.  I wouldn’t say that lie is a good thing and encourage people to lie, in fact it burden me with guilt. It’s like bad things attached to lies. It comes afterwards. Bear the consequences in lying when they are no longer a lie. What I’m trying to say here is lies result to turmoil.  Perhaps, it’s only some sort of guilt to us teenagers, but to the elders lying is unscrupulous behavior. Okay…I think that’s a lie.

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