Sunday, April 17, 2011

The movie is about 17 year old Josh joined an underwater cave diving expedition teamed up with his own father, Frank and several other acquaintances in Papua New Guinea. Things got bad when Jude, one of the diver died in an accident and things got worse when a tremendous storm came on the surface which flooded the caves and blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada..
Story’s review
The movie didn’t reach my expectation. Simply put it disappoint me actually. I was expecting ‘2012’ or perhaps a movie that when you need to ‘go’, you hold until the end of the movie. The first thing that questions me when I first watch the movie is “if he didn’t like his father so much, what’s Josh doing down there in the first place?”
The plot in the movie is lame or should I say preposterous. So, the movie teach us that ‘come what may, you must strive until the end’, but killing people? I would say no to that. For better or worse, maybe it was all about surviving and leadership but in the end only one survive,living with guilt for the rest of his life by killing his own father. I don't see any good in that.
And should I start about the actors and actress?Lisa Surihani and Akram Dinzly can do better than that. I just don’t feel their character. I don’t know. Maybe the spark just aren’t there. They scream but they aren’t scared, they cry but they aren’t sad.
The guy who stayed behind so not to slow down the team because of his sickness? That’s a noble thing to do if you call suicide is a noble thing. decide. But Alister,sorry to say this but I don’t like your movie…at all.

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