Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What have I learned from Critical Literacy

I remembered the first day, my lecturer walk into the class. And then he started to give brief explanation about what this subject is all about. And then I thought ’Hey, this might be interesting. But then came the part where I have to stand in the middle of the class because I couldn’t answer a simple question such ‘What can you see in this picture?’. All I know Wardina is beautiful because I remembered seeing her in pink dress standing there being gorgeous. From that day onwards, everytime he entered the class, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘ What is CL all about?”

And then a review came, then the second, then the third, fourth not to mention reviewing two long articles.  Since I learned this subject my new favorite number is 10 because it goes with RULE OF 10. Just when the battery of my lappy here need to be recharged came another review that is to review your friends work and what’s more…2 of it. But, it’s been fun..staring at your lappy for hours, while making Milo and Nescafe in the middle of night.

Basically, that’s what CL is all about. Despite filling my to-do-note list, it trains you to look into things from every perspective. Not only from positive and negative side, but you have to look vertically and horizontally. CL sharpened your mind and your pencil also. CL teach you to be creative and innovative by looking at things differently. To give your own opinion without being bias and prejudice towards certain topic discussed. It urges me to point out my point of view without being emotionally corrupted. In this subject you have to think critically not creatively. Otherwise it would be called creative literacy.

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